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Transform Your World with Ancient Wisdom Practices & Future Proof Skills

About Us

We live in times of increasing uncertainty. Climate change, an epidemic of stress and mental illness, increasing wealth disparity, international tensions, looming disruptions from advanced technology.

Yet, this is also a time of fewer wars, less poverty, and greater access to knowledge than ever before in history, and a dramatic shift in human awareness and concern for other living beings on our planet.

We’re a group of meditation teachers and social activists who want to create a better world for everyone. Including rocks. We believe that, despite these uncertainties, there is much reason for hope. 

Through Planetary Leadership Training we share an optimistic vision of the future and show idealistic, like-minded people how they can transform their own lives and the lives of those around them.

“The flame of a lamp lights up countless lamps. The touch of a great personality wakes up innumerable sleeping hearts… the future of the human race is not dark, rather it is strikingly resplendent. So proceed on, ignoring the frowns of darkness.” (P. R. Sarkar)

What Do We Do?

Planetary Leadership Training (PLT) is a global community with an online program to help you develop the skills you need to transform your world. 

We empower our members with physical well-being, mental resilience, self-awareness & a spirit of service.


  • Personal Practice Routine (guided meditations, yoga classes, journaling, and other daily practices - using videos or scripts)

  • On-demand Videos & Learning Materials (articles, checklists, etc.) 

  • Weekly Live Sessions (includes course classes, collective meditation & workshops)

  • Community Interaction (group discussions, sharing ideas and stories, cultural events)

  • Collective Learning (team projects, public speaking club, critical thinking practice)


  • Yoga Lifestyle + Practice Routine

  • Human Dharma: Our True Essence

  • The Eight Limbs of Yoga (Astaunga Yoga)

  • The 5 Layers of the Mind

  • Biopsychology: body, cakras & mind connection

  • Principles for Mental Health (Yama & Niyama)

  • Types of Service

  • How to Work Together

  • Public Speaking

  • Yoga Cosmology - Brahmacakra

  • Neohumanist Education & Leadership

  • Tools to Change The World

  • Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence


  • Transform ourselves

  • Transform our community

  • Transform our planet

  • Transform the future


  • Inspiration
  • Method
  • Support

What We Offer

  • A Friendly Global Community (for FREE)

  • An Online Program with Certificate*

  • Weekly Live Events: Meditation, Cultural programs, Guest Speakers Interviews & Workshops

Join us for friendship, networking, and co-creation opportunities with the PLT Members across the globe, which includes our most passionate and committed students.

In our private exclusive social network, we promote weekly interactions so that our members can get to know one another better and evolve together in this journey of self-discovery. Together we can learn and share experiences on yoga, meditation, personal transformation, and social projects.

Why Join Us?

  • Become the person you dream of becoming.
    Cultivate your physical, mental, and emotional vitality with unique meditation and yoga techniques. And guess what? You'll become at least 25% happier. (we're not making this up - actual science supports this).

  • Empower yourself with new skills and learning routines.
    Learn how you can be really effective in bringing about change, developing your personal skills, and working in teams.

  • Develop a global perspective.
    Ever since humanity saw the first image of our planet from space, we've understood that we are all in this together. In our PLT global community, we experience that directly as we see the world through one another's eyes and develop a new worldview.

  • Connect with a global movement to change the world together.
    Join a community of like-minded people in an environment that nurtures personal growth and learning as together we help to create a sustainable and regenerative world.


Pricing to join the PLT Community = FREE

You can join the PLT Member’s platform for FREE. If you want to support the project, there is a donation option on the menu.

If you would like to participate in our online program, check the price for your country on the program page.

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